Wellness Activities

Wellness Lounge at #ESCRS2022

Rest your eyes, refresh your mind, and recharge your body at the Wellness Lounge. Because it’s all too easy to forget to look after your eyes, mind, and body during congress time, ESCRS offers an opportunity for you to rejuvenate at the dedicated Wellness Lounge.

Join Inner Sense facilitators for a series of mindful activities*: meditation, mindful breathing techniques, guided relaxation or simply relax in the Wellness Lounge with peaceful music. This is also a sanctuary to find some quiet time for yourself.

*Dress code for all sessions: Business Clothes

08:3009:00Business YogaWellness LoungeVictor AngelFeeling tense? Start your day at ESCRS fresh and relaxed with some simple stretching and breathing techniques. Feel calm and energised for a focused day ahead.
10:3010:45Body Scan & RelaxationWellness LoungeVictor AngelReconnect with the present moment with this guided relaxation and body scan. This mindfulness exercise will help you find peace and clarity for your busy day ahead.
11:4512:00Mindfulness BreathworkWellness LoungeVictor AngelMindful breathing techniques will guide you to find your tranquillity, energy and focus for a creative day.
13:3013:45Qi GongWellness LoungeJanet CheungThe ancient art of Qi Gong is often considered as “meditation in motion”. It combines elegant slow movements with conscious breathing to cultivate energy or “Qi” that promote health. With its origins rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will perform exercises that calm the mind and revitalise the body.
14:3014:45Silent MeditationWellness LoungeVictor AngelOverwhelmed for the day? Join this meditation to help you centre, reflect and refocus yourself in the busy afternoon.
15:3015:45Guided VisualisationWellness LoungeJanet CheungThe mind and imagination are powerful tools that can be used to generate a strong sense of health and wellbeing. This guided visualisation leads to a creativity and performance boost, while relaxing and revitalising your mind and body.
16:3016:45Breathwork PranayamaWellness LoungeVictor AngelPractise some ancient breathing techniques to calm and energise the body and mind.
17:3017:45Guided RelaxationWellness LoungeVictor AngelFinish your busy day relaxed, refreshed and free of tension with this guided relaxation.

Wellness Lounge sessions brought to you by Inner Sense.

Massage Area

Feeling tense and tired? Need to recharge for the busy day ahead or after chain of inspiring meetings?

ESCRS provides fully qualified and experienced masseurs for you to relax and refresh with a 15-min massage.

Location: Exhibition Hall B, next to the ESCRS Member Lounge

Operates on ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Please check in with a host at the reception area and make your appointment.

Massage Area brought to you by Inner Sense.

ESCRS 2022 Congress Sustainability Healthy Break Partner

Look out for the Healthy Break station on wheels moving around and enjoy the delicious snacks and beverages on offer during #ESCRS2022 brought to you by VSY Biotechnology.