Exhibition & Sponsorship

ESCRS 2022 Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities

The ESCRS 2022 Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure is now available for consultation at the link below. Please note that booking is initially open on a restricted basis only to ranked sponsors (see information in the section above). Companies will be contacted by MCI and provided with access to the online booking system at the time of the presale that concerns them.

ESCRS 2022 Sustainability Partnership Opportunities

ESCRS is committed to improving the sustainability of all our activities as a society. Improving the footprint of our Milan Congress is a priority, and we are working with our partners to organise a socially and environmentally responsible congress.

Our vision is that by 2023, we will have a congress with zero waste to landfills, zero net carbon emissions and we will be a role model for social responsibility. This means we have to work collaboratively to support the wellness of our event participants, give back to local and global communities, regenerate ecosystems and inspire sustainability action from our event participants. We invite you to join us in this journey.

Click here to learn more about your role and here to apply for the Sustainable Exhibitor Award.

ESCRS Sustainable Exhibiting Guide 2022

We’re asking our partners and exhibitors to champion social and environmental responsibility at ESCRS. From ordering sustainable catering to offsetting your emissions, your commitment will help us to create a congress that supports both people and the planet. To support you, we have produced a free ‘sustainable exhibition guide’ and a consulting support package to help you bring your corporate and personal sustainability values to life.

ESCRS 2022 Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales Process Overview

As in previous years, ESCRS will reward companies with points accumulated through investment during the previous year’s ESCRS events (Congress and Winter Meeting) with the opportunity for priority booking.

In addition, this year we are introducing an online booking system for exhibition space, symposia slots and other branding opportunities that will make the booking process smoother and more convenient for companies from year to year.

In order to respect the priority ranking attained by companies in 2021, sales will open initially on a restricted basis only to companies that have accumulated priority points last year. There will be a series of restricted pre-sales open only to companies in accordance with their level of ranking.

General sales to all other companies (including companies that have not participated in 2021) will open on a first-come-first-served after this process has completed.

Please click on the link below for further information.

ESCRS Priority Points System for 2022 Events

Exhibition space, symposia slots and branding opportunities are allocated based on a Priority Points System. Not only is this system deemed to be the fairest method of allocating exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, it also offers a variety of avenues to promote individual companies.

Please click on the link below for more details.